A sincere thanks can go a long way.

March 26th, 2012 by Dan Barczak

Yesterday, we received a box of goodies from our friend Brian at Steam Whistle Press here in Cincinnati – our new letterpress thank you’s. Of course we have a desire to create a kick-ass print piece whenever we’re not working with zeros and ones, or creating something confidential. But this was our chance to take pride in something bigger – appreciating our friends and clients beyond an email. When you receive something handwritten in the mail from a friend, you know that it took time. It shows someone much more than simple appreciation. So we’ll be sending some your way very soon. Thanks to all of you who help make Hyperquake what it is, and empower us to do what we do best. For those of you who believe in the power of Brand Evolution. We humbly thank you. (more pictures to come soon)


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DeFrance Printing Talks HyperQuake and Letterpress

January 28th, 2011 by Chris Strong

So Ronnie and the crew over at DeFrance Printing in National City, California were kind enough to help us out with our 10 year anniversary/holiday mini-poster last month. We came to them with limited time and a pretty elaborate piece, so I should start out by prefacing this post with a big “Thank you” to Ronnie and his crew and a disclaimer that DeFrance Printing is awesome. I can’t say that enough.

All of us on the team here that were involved with this project were set on doing a letterpress print and we of course, had visions of how awesome it would be. Our jaws completely hit the floor when we saw the finished product.

The other day Ronnie was kind enough to share with us some photos his team had taken of it (seen in this post), as well as a post about it that they put on their blog. We wanted to make sure all our readers got the chance to check out what they shared as well, so we’ve posted them here.

The blog entry they did on it can be found here for those interested. You can also go check DeFrance Printing out on Facebook and Twitter so definitely do so.

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Awesome Letterpress Business Cards

October 18th, 2010 by Chris Strong

So I’m no letterpress expert, but having received (and distributed) more than a few business cards in my career thus far, I can say that these sweet business cards designed by Villainy and Associates that I stumbled upon today are pretty awesome. Metallic gold lettering and edges, as well as dark and heavy paper stock, I give them a thumbs up.

Some say business cards have ‘slowly been going the way of the buffalo’ (good album by MxPx by the way) with all the digital ways of organizing, storing and sharing information today. But a good business card has stopping power and is an important piece of leaving an impression on someone as it sticks around after you are gone.

I know, I know, I seem to be puffing up the power a business card holds, but regardless of what you think, you have to admit that these are pretty cool.

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