PBJ #8

July 5th, 2011 by rachel.mason@hyperquake.com

Focusing on our goal of creating an interface to encourage people to explore new places, events and areas of Cincinnati, we began brainstorming user stories. Each of us thought of the possible desires a person might have for using the app and created narratives in the frame of, “As a { role }, I want { feature }, so that { benefit }.” For example, “As an indecisive person I want an app that helps me make decisions, so I can spend less time debating.” We had many great responses. There were differing scenarios across the spectrum, ranging from general to specific. Some user narratives overlapped in content, while others were unique.

To filter the stories, we will bucket the narratives and try to define the features and benefits we’ve suggested. Next we will have to determine which narratives are most relevant to our goals so we can focus our attention as we continue to develop our ideas.

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