PB&J #7

June 30th, 2011 by Matthew Cole

Today’s meeting took us a few steps back from sketching/mapping out the app to reevaluate who and what the app is for. Some of this reappraisal arose from the weekend’s outings by a few Quakers, who came back with a few jotted notes and ideas about their adventures. In short, we began to see that heading down one path would lead to the creation of more of a “Suggestion” app instead of the “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” direction that had previously resounded among all of us. To stay on track, we need to remember our core goal:

“Create an interface to the city that encourages people to explore new places, events and areas of Cincinnati.”

With that in mind, our next step is to begin setting up some use-case scenarios from the perspectives of several potential users (e.g. Visitors to Cincy, Bored long-time Residents, New-to-the-town Users and Users taking out family or friends (Entertaining)). These scenarios will serve as guideposts for development, keeping us focused on our users and what they will potentially be doing with the app.

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