The Commonwealth: A Tale of Two Brands

March 29th, 2012 by Dan Barczak

Louisville vs Kentucky. David vs Goliath.  Pitino vs Calipari. Mentor vs Student. Red vs Blue. Big East vs the SEC. Anthony Davis’ Unibrow vs Peyton Siva’s Meticulous Goatee. Adidas vs Nike. #1 vs #2 (coaches’ salaries, that is). Juggernaut revenue streams (In 2011 alone, Louisville generated a staggering $40.9 million from basketball related events in the 2010-2011 season. Up nearly 40% from the previous year and $12 million more than Duke, who finished second at $28.9 million.)

Put all this together, and there is a ton of emotion, pride, tension, and money tied up in these two programs – their Brands. Both Louisville and Kentucky are 2 of only 3 teams (joining Syracuse) that averaged more than 20,000 fans per home game last season. There are millions of articles, posts, tweets, & messages being thrown out there right now from everyone at the big networks to So-and-So in the Commonwealth arguing with his brother, who happens to root for the other team. These are amazingly rabid fan bases. Dedicated, loyal, some clinically insane. (more…)

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